YouTube is another one of women’s strongest allies on the Internet due to its flexibility and simplicity in nature. You don’t need the millions of dollars to produce a TV commercial; rather, you can post your own series of web commercials on this host for free. With this as an option, women are now able to put their own version of television online: anything from music videos, to personal rants, poetry slams, theatrical performances, and any other medium they can put on camera.

Roxy Azari, Wheaton College graduate and feminist, uses slam poetry to express her frustrations, pains, fears, hopes, and goals. Though such a medium is incredibly emotionally moving, it would only be accessible to those at the performance or who knew Azari personally to experience. A medium like YouTube, however, allows for her message to be spread around the world, inspiring complete strangers and helping to strengthen the feminist presence in order to retaliate against words like “slut” or “whore.” Notice the comments, where viewers leave a resounding cry of “you go, girl!”

There is also something to be said about the use of YouTube simply for rants. Video blogger Ryan posts comical rants regularly about everything from farts to dancing. A recent post, however, discusses how he views feminism and what “equality” means to him.  Viewers need to be able to take a joke, but he makes a few valid (yet controversial points) while still essentially supporting the cause.

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