Taking Back Pornography

The way we enjoy pornography has a huge effect on the way we enjoy our personal sexual experiences. Gaining access to a healthier view of sex can help women regain control of their sexuality. Photo courtesy of ITP.NET

According to Jonathan James McCreadie Lillie’s article, Cyberporn, Sexuality, and the Net Apparatus, “there are around half a billion people with home internet access worldwide…more people have access to pornography today via the internet than ever before, and many of them are exposed to cyberporn, intentionally or accidentally, every day or every week.” By 1999, studies reported that over a one-month period, 9 million web users accessed one or more of the top five adult web sites, and FamilySafeMedia.com reports that around 2/3 of these users were male.

That being said, it seems obvious to note that majority of internet porn would be aimed at male fantasies, and only small sections of websites include “female-friendly” pornography. Much of this porn normalizes male dominance, lack of female sexual satisfaction, and often some violence or aggression.

CJ and Susanna, site operators of couples-sex.com, 4womenavs.com, and purve.com, saw the opportunity to take back female sexuality in pornography. They require that “every feature [we include in our sites] must be women positive, or the woman in the ‘act’ must be enjoying herself…whatever she may be doing.” Susanna explains that they prefer to show “ordinary people and not porn stars. They show real believable scenes.” By doing this, the two women are spreading a healthier image of sex where the man and woman are equal, rather than where the male is dominating.

What’s most important about this, though, is that it doesn’t take a company or even money to produce something similar. The nature of the Internet is such that women and couples all over the world can post videos of themselves online with webcams and cell phones, proud of their natural sexuality without succumbing to the twisted version what has become “normal.”

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