Forming Communities

In her paper on internet feminist communities, Katelyn Wanzy eloquently explains:

“The Internet has been envisioned as a vast frontier, a social utopia, and as a
place that information knowledge can flourish and be shared. While these designations
and environments are debatable, one thing that the Internet has allowed for is the
gathering of like-minded individuals online.”

Here, of course, she is talking about the ability to create mailing lists, social networking sites, exclusive shops, or blogs. Specifically, Wanzy refers to the feminist-by-affiliation website, Jezebel provides a smart, yet sassy, community for women of all types to come together about current issues; they can send stories to contributors and editors, discuss via comments and hashtags, and share anything posted by Jezebel via social media.

This is a prime example of what makes the Internet so unique. Not only is it a place to post freely and self-express, but it also becomes a place of community and sharing, ultimately forming a powerful and influential force with which to influence the media.

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