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This week, I tweeted a link to The Photoshop Hall of Shame which caused some interesting discussion amongst my peer group about how important it is that people know images are retouched, how our minds can process them knowing this, how to NOT buy into the media machine that tells us we aren’t good enough. I then came across something shocking: a “photographer’s best friend” (a digital retoucher) who decided less than 2 months ago to quit his job and call for reform in the industry. Below is a video of him explaining what happened, and an accompanying letter (posted here with Roy’s consent.) WOW.

My name is Roy A. Cui and I live and work in Los Angeles, California. You may be familiar with my work. I have worked on many clothing and beauty advertising campaigns. I’ve worked on covers and editorial spreads for…

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  1. Thanks for the repost. 15+ years ago retouching was already an established standard. Retouching didn’t start when Photoshop was invented. Traditional retouching was done on the film itself. Body morphing came more into the standard with Photoshop, but skin, blemishes, wrinkles, bumps, folds and cellulite were all be done pre PS for years.

    Please, start talking to people about this to get them thinking differently about the imagery that they see in advertising every day. Be sure to check in on my blog ( from time to time, I have more videos and post lined up that will be coming out soon. Thanks for the support!

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