Hello readers,

Welcome to my final multimodal project for Professor Josh Stenger’s Digital Culture Class, ENG 331, at Wheaton College.

My project will discuss the many ways in which women struggle for unity and empowerment against the subtle and not-so-subtle attacks on their self-image put forth my the media.  Specifically, I would like to illustrate how the Internet is the most powerful tool available to do this while protecting their sexuality and self-esteem, because it provides a medium by which all women can engage with one another to counter the harmful effects of unrealistic expectations in print and television advertisements.

Though this WordPress acts as a final presentation of my findings, I would also like it to be an interactive environment for users to communicate with one another. Please feel free to comment with questions, concerns, objections, opinions, and don’t forget to check out some of the additional links for readers interested in learning more!

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